Sample Wedding Reception

1. Cocktail Hour
2. Grand Entrance
3. Your First Dance
4. The Toast
5. Dinner Orders
6. Opening the Dance Floor

7. Dinner
8. Dancing
9. Cake Cutting
10. Dance with the Parents
11. The Bouquet & Garter
12. More Dancing

  1. Cocktail: Cocktail is the first step of your wedding reception. Your guests will be arriving during the beginning of cocktail hour. To add ambiance we will provide you with enjoyable background music.

  2. Grand Entrance: Following the cocktail hour, your guests will begin to enter the main dining room. Your MC will get ready for your "Grand Entrance" when we will formally introduce...

    The Wedding Party:
    1st. The Bride's parents followed by the Groom's
    2nd. The Bridesmaids & Ushers
    3rd. The Jr. Bridesmaids & Jr. Ushers
    4th. The Flower Girl & Ringbearer
    5th. The Maid of Honor & Best Man
    Finally...Last and most important,
    The Bride & Groom
    Check out our suggestions for Grand Entrance Music

  3. Your First Dance: Immediately after the grand entrance our Bride and Groom will remain on the dance floor. They will begin the wedding reception by dancing their first dance as a couple. Soon after our MC will call up the bridal party, the parents, and finally everyone else to share in your special moment. We know how important this is to you so whatever song you select we will definitely be sure to have it. We will make sure you fill out a bridal form which will include all important wedding information.

  4. The Toast: Following the first dance our MC will have everyone find their seats and get ready for the toast. Our MC will call up that special person in which you have chosen to make the toast (probably the best man).

  5. Dinner Orders: After the toast everyone will remain in their seats while the dinner orders are taken. During this time we will keep the mood by playing some good background music.

  6. Opening the Dance Floor: When the waitstaff has finished taking the last dinner order it's time to get things moving. We can open the night with some 70's & 80's dance music, this type of music most people know and enjoy... or we can Opening Dancestart with something more progressive. We realize everyone has different taste that's why we have you fill out a music request form. If you like the thought of getting your guests involved in some guest participation just let us know! It can be a lot of fun and can really get the party moving. Our MC is great at getting everyone involved and will lead you and your guests.

  7. Dinner: It is now time for dinner to be served, our MC will announce for everyone to take their seats and will again set the mood by playing soft background music.

  8. Dancing: Once everyone has finished their dinner, it's time to get you all back up and onto the dance floor. Our MC will work to motivate and promote the dance floor. We keep the music mixing with everything from the 40's to today,dance to rock, hip hop to rap, country to oldies, and anything in between. Throughout the night we will also play some slow songs.
    • Money Dance
    • Longest Married
    • Music Games

  9. Parent DanceCake Cutting: After dancing to the music it's time for our Bride and Groom to come up and cut the cake. The MC will announce the ceremony and get everyone's attention as the Bride and Groom begin to cut their wedding cake. We will plays the music as the MC coach's you through.

  10. Dance with the Parents: Soon after the cake cutting ceremony, it is time to share a special dance with the Bride and Groom's parents. First the Bride will dance with her dad(Ideas), then the Groom will dance with his mom.(Ideas) Once again whatever song you choose.

  11. The Bouquet & Garter: Now it is time to add a little excitement to the eveningwith the Bouquet & Garter toss. Our MC will coach you through the fun and takes care of the music. (Remember this is your wedding so whatever you want to do it's up to you).

  12. More Dancing: After the Bouquet & Garter the party is not over. We will once again pick up the music and get everyone back up and onto the dance floor! Our MC will get into some guest the YMCA and finish the night off with some great dance music...Enjoy!