Printable Form Needed for your event

Download the PDF file to your computer before filling out, that way you can save the filled in form and email the PDF back to us.

  • DJ Contract
  • Music Request Form

    The biggest and most import information we will need, your song request form. This is a list of songs you absolutely want to make sure we have, and any songs you defiantly want to make sure we don't play.

    This does not have to be extremely exhaustive. We will take the songs you must have, and make a playlist from that. The more we know what you want, the more we can make sure we will have what you like. If we have internet we have access to 8.5+ million songs, but we can't always count that the internet will work. We bring about 65,000+/- with us. Usually we can cover what you want with what we have, but we do try to do requests... even on the reclusive song that is really special to a you other special individual.

  • Bridal Form

    This is needed, so we have the songs for your First, and Family Dances as well as the names of those involved in the wedding. We do have default songs for these portions of the wedding if this form is not filled out.

  • Wedding Processional Form

    Song requests for, Wedding Party & Bride Entering/Processional for both Ceremony and Reception. If not returned we have default "Classic" songs for these portions of your special day.

  • Father Daughter Examples
  • Mother Son Examples
  • Wedding Entrance Suggestions